Lipstick Obsession

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hi guys,yay to me for being so regular with posts.So very recently Ive been into lipsticks and i decided to post photos of the times i wore some new ones i got just in case anyone comes across them lol..*just an excuse to post right?*So here are photos with 6 of my recently favorite lippies.Btw you can trust that this lipsticks serve me well.They are all very pigmented and feel good on my lips.
 Black Opal-wine not:This is a plum kind of shade and it appears darker than it looks in the photo.I love the colour payoff only that its too moisturizing and so it kind of shifts and makes that dreaded demarcation we all hate.

Jordana-Pink lustre:This shade is so beautiful.i call it the nicki minaj pink cos its so bright and out there.It appears matte and feels a little bit matte but not too drying.Its just the right feel for me even though its not from their matte line.
 Jordana-Poppy pink:This shade is like a mix of fuschia and purple.Its from their matte line so it is matte and a little drying but not something difficult for me to handle with a little lip balm.

 NYX bloody mary:This is matte and an amazing lipstick.Its not too red but its just the right shade of red if you want to break out in your first red lippie.Its so good on my skin tone and never looks too loud.
Nicka k-Deep Garnet:
This doesn't come in regular lipstick tubes,it comes in a roll up tube so u turn the bottom and the gloss  comes out from like tiny pores on the top.Its very glossy buy stays on for so long and fills all the tiny lines on my lips so it appears very smooth.Its like a mix of chocolate brown and a little black.

Neutrogena-Black Cherry Bloom:This lipstick i bought on a trial and error basis but im glad it turned out well and really wowed me.I never wld hv thought of buying a neutrogena lipstick but i tried and i dont regret it. Its like regular pink but its so smooth and i never saw cracks all through the 6 hrs i wore it for.Its amazing.Its just the right amount of moisturizing without using lipbalm.

What colour amongst this 6 is your favourite?
Thanks for checking in.

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  1. I am loving the jordana popping pink and the nyx bloody mary

  2. I tink I luv d bloody Mary and d nikky minaj's pink,inbox me,where did u get dem?

    1. hi babes,i got all the jordanas from a just rite store close to me.I ordered the nyx bloody mary from

  3. Love the necklace in the first photo. nice post.

  4. Love the bloody mary colour. Thanks for the nominAtion. Happy weekend dear.

  5. I love the bloody mary too, your make up is so neat, i like the way you classified and arranged them.

  6. My fave is the NYX Bloody Mary! It's so lovely. Where dyu get ur lipsticks? Luv ur makeup. It's always looking flawless

    1. Thank you.I get from so many places.stores close to stores like,,

    2. OK noted! I know I have seen and planned to by some Wet n Wild as well as NYX lipsticks at Will be checking out now. Thanks babe


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