Sunday Best:All Black Everything

Sunday, January 19, 2014

 Hello loves,long time no outfit post.I dunno how many of you noticed i did a video on youtube.There are glitches here and there but being my first time doing and editing my own video i think im a little proud of myself but the next video will be far better.So how was the weekend,mine was awesome cos my precious went to stay at her granny's since shes started school and they don't get to see her very often anymore,so in a way i almost forgot i was a mummy cos i did some friday night outing with the hubs and yes it was great.Nothing like spending alone time with the person you love and being reminded of how it was when it just you both.
 Anyway i wore this to church and these shoes look innocent but they are devils cos my toes started burning like hell and i dnt have flats so i had to just bear.Pls if you know of  any solution to the problem of toes burning in your shoes when they aren't tight hit me up in the comment box.Thanks in anticipation.I took this photos after church when i went to pick up my daughter from her grandparents.

normally i wouldnt wear a really casual top but right now im getting tired of following my own rules and i just want to branch out and yes i will be doing a lot of that this year.You should do the same ;-)

Skirt:Helen Berman for blarney, Top:random store,no label, Shoes:Torrid, Clutch:no label, Necklace:Street Vendor

thanks for checking in.

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  1. You look amazing!
    Those shoes are gorg! Its sad that they hurt that bad.

    1. thanks lv.still trying to figure out wht i did to deserve that.

  2. I love you cap toe shoe and the bun ...

  3. I love this dress, but especially I love your shoes with the metal details!
    I'm your new follower! Hope you would like to check my blog back too!
    Here my links!
    Facebook Page Bonjourchiara
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  4. Ur shoes are so cute, I would love to have them. Am your new follower pls check out my blog and follow me back.

  5. Your make up is ON POINT!! where are you from?

    1. hi nikki,im from Nigeria.thanks for coming on here.

  6. I really do like this, especially them shoes


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