Graphic tee and a Blazer

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

hi guys,how was your day?mine was just good.Did almost nothing at work and today being my last day of the week at work i decided to make it my Friday and be very casual.So before i did the post on graphic tees i thought about this particular one i had from way back 2010 and it was hard to dig it out but i knew i had too cos i had missed it.I decided to wear it with my trusted blazer that never fails me cos its so comfy and even when i roll up the sleeves it doesn't grip me hard like some others.Today was also a good day cos my darling hubby was nice enough to be patient and take as many photos as i wanted and unlike other days they turned out better than before :-).
P.S:The reason I don't post much is either there's nobody to take photos or they just don't turn out the way i like.

what's all about pink if i may ask?

giving my hair a big break from weaves and braids

graphic tee:marks and spencer
bag;random label
jeans:denim co
earrings:local vendor

thanks for checking in

“If all you can do is a bad thing,
well at least do it with your style!”
― Toba Beta

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  1. You're beautiful. ... And short. Like myself. Love you tho.:)

    1. Thanks macaulay,bt I'm nt short o.I'm about 5'8 or more and I dnt think thts short :-).thnks for d comment

    2. Lol. Ok. Feel free to see my blog

  2. love yoour blazer esp and the outfit ;)

  3. Can i have the blazer please? Lovely outfit.

    1. Oh yes u can dear provided we do an many things I wnt from

  4. I love the blazer and it's look nice.

  5. Pink usually signifies breast cancer awareness so i'm guessing that has something to do with the all about pink graphic? idk. Anyways, really like your blazer and you have pretty eyes.

  6. great style, I love the blazer's color :D

  7. I'm laughing because I've been looking for my blazer forever!! And posts like this make me want it even more. I promise when I find it I'm wearing it with EVERYTHING! Loving this cas' look. Will be rocking it to my next nail appointment (that is if I find it, of course).

    Great blog and post!



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